Note from the author:

Below is a written version of the podcast, which you can find on SoundCloud, iTunes, or wherever you get podcasts. The text below may differ from the actual recording by a LOT. I write the text and then speak it on the podcast to Stephen, so it inevitably changes depending on his reactions.

Welcome to Episode 3 of Four Questions – a weekly podcast where I answer four questions about the current state of affairs of my husband’s indie rock band, Learson Peak.

My name is Michelle Learson and I’m your host. My husband Stephen will be in the background here reacting to my notes for the week and providing enthusiastic and positive commentary.

This week we need to apologize for what we released last week. I’m very sorry. Our podcast caused some extreme and unanticipated drama that happened after the release of last week’s show. I want to apologize to those affected for us causing the drama. It was not my intention and we should have thought it through more carefully.

Stephen will be releasing separately – not on this podcast – some more news relating to last week’s episode, and we’ll probably be taking some parts down once he figures it all out. The goal of this podcast is to only talk about Learson Peak and and not any other band.

If you didn’t know, Learson Peak is made up of four primary members:

  1. Stephen Learson (keyboards/synthesizers, keytar)
  2. Jules Jenssen (drums)
  3. Mike Carter (guitar)
  4. Luke Bemand (bass)

The band has enjoyed a large rotating cast of guest performers, including:

  1. Singers Geena Lucibello, Nicoletta Nomicou and Ana Maria Villa
  2. Bassists Steve Bunce, Brian Ross and Rich Lynch
  3. Keyboardist Richard James
  4. Hula Hooper Jen Dulong
  5. Saxophonist Lee Ross
  6. Guitarists Sean Cronin and Sam McGarrity

and many others! If you are interested in performing with Learson Peak at future shows, just let us know. 

And with that, I’m going to move on to answering the four questions for this week.

#1. What went well for the band last week?

Last week we celebrated Stephen’s 35th birthday (which is April 26th). The thing that really stood out was that Learson Peak fans have continuously gifted you only Unicorn-themed items. Last weds night, while the band was playing the Space Unicorn song, our friend and super-fan Dan Dauer unveiled a very special gift of rainbow unicorn horns to Stephen and every member of the band. So the whole band turned into a bunch of flying unicorns. See video below!

And even though the House of Blues had to end the show early that night, we continued the celebrations at our house late into the evening. Lots of friends and fans came by. Mike and Jules slept over. Stephen was also gifted a REALLY nice bottle of whiskey. I think he was pretty happy.

#2. What didn’t go so well for the band last week?

Last week we learned that Live Nation had to cancel our show on May 16th because Trixie Mattel, who is bigger and more important than us, requested to have her own private Drag night in the Foundation Room. So we got kicked out.

We are terribly sorry to our fans who were looking forward to seeing us play– but we’re not going to be performing on May 16th. Come see the band perform on Friday May 25 at Article 24 for the FREE Boston Calling After Party. It’s from 10pm-1am.

#3. What is the most interesting thing I learned?

For the past couple weeks I’ve been really into watching music documentaries. Ever since Stephen put on the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers biography on Netflix, and I’ve been just OBSESSED. I learn a lot from seeing how other bands “made it” and try to apply things I see to Learson Peak.

So I went to look up “Best Music Documentaries” on Netflix and Amazon Prime (which makes them free for me to watch) and I made a list of 15 movies I have either watched or want to watch. Here is the list below:

  1. Shut Up and Play the Hits (LCD Soundsystem) - 2012
  2. All is By My Side (Jimi Hendrix) - 2014
  3. Amy (Amy Winehouse) - 2015
  4. Stop Making Sense (Talking Heads) - 1984
  5. Supermensch (Shep Gordon) - 2013
  6. Muscle Shoals (Fame studios in Alabama) - 2013
  7. Under the Influence (Keith Richards) - 2015
  8. Little Girl Blue (Janis Joplin) - 2015
  9. Sound City (Recording Studio in Van Nuys LA) - 2013
  10. Marley (Bob Marley) - 2012
  11. Searching for Sugar Man (Sixto Rodriguez) - 2012
  12. Sonic Highways (Foo Fighters) - 2014
  13. 20 Feet from Stardom (Backup singers) - 2013
  14. Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones) - 1970
  15. I Dream of Wires (History and resurgence of analogue synthesizers) – 2014

There are many more movies on online forums, but these are just a few that caught my attention. Do you have any you want to add? Comment below!

#4. What am I excited about next week?

Well this week I plan to send out our monthly Learson Peak email newsletter. If you are not on the email list you can sign up on our here:

I’m not sure what I’ll be putting in there just yet, but you will be guaranteed to see lots of photos of the band and dates for upcoming shows. 

I’m also excited for the Dr. Dog After-Party this Weds May 2. Learson Peak will be yet again performing on at the House of Blues from 10pm onwards. If you are coming out to see Dr. Dog, make sure to stop by the Foundation Room and check us out.

And finally, Stephen would like everyone to check out his new video series that he has just launched: Synthesizer Show & Tell. You can see the first episode below. 

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