Today was a special day. It was my very first performance in Boston with a salsa team (Salsa Y Control). It was fun to train and perform with a group of new friends. I've performed before  in Sydney, Australia with Salsa Suave (Becky I miss you!) and Latin Motion (Olive Pineda is by far the best salsa instructor I have ever had) - but it is always challenging and exciting for me to join a new dance company.

Boston is the first city where I learned how to dance On2. April Genovese probably doesn't remember me from that hot and humid summer of 2005. I'm sad to learn that she has moved back to NYC, but I will always remember training in the hallways of MIT with Melaza. 

This sophisticated city hasn't changed much. Havana and Ryles still dominate as the primary two salsa venues in the city. The posters advertising the same beautiful dance couples crowd all the flyers at the doorways. Although the salsa scene here is small compared to Sydney and San Francisco, it's still big enough for me to be inspired. I crave going out on Friday nights (the best night of the week), and I hope to perform many times again. 

So why am I so passionate about dancing?

Here are my Top 3:

  1. No one cares where you are from or what you do for a living or what college you go to or how old you are or the color of your skin - they only care about how you dance

  2. It's physically and mentally challenging

  3. Dancing makes me feel beautiful and alive

One day I will figure out how to integrate a record label, a rock band and a salsa dance team together. Until then - see you on the dance floor.