What do we do on snowpocalypse? Collect music data!!!! I know... very nerdy but fascinating... to us, and hopefully to you too. We basically collected a bunch of preliminary Facebook and Twitter statistics about 6 months ago and we had the time to update it today.

So - we were interested in social media metrics for our network of artists and friends and bands we aspire to become - mainly focused on the rock/electronic/synth/indie scene. Obviously, Psychic Spies has a long list to climb (please like us and listen to our latest album!). If you are reading this and haven't heard of 90% of the bands on this list - go check them out on whatever service is not your Top 40 radio station.

If you want someone added to this list, we are open to suggestions. You know how to reach us. I'm also working on Twitter and Instagram statistics (and maybe Spotify or Soundcloud). Watch this space...thanks for reading. :)

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