This is what is happening: We are launching a new podcast about music start-ups. The goal of the podcast will be to tell the story of musicians, rock bands and artists around the world who are trying to make it - or are already making it - in the cut-throat fast-paced music industry.

It will feature sound bites of how bands started out, their process of writing new music, navigating crazy fans, how they book shows, how they organize tours, who inspires them, which venues they prefer, etc. There are so many amazing musicians out there, and we want to share their stories with the world. We think we've got the skills to deliver high-quality sound as well as interesting content. 

Our podcast will be called: Rock House Sounds: Stories from the music underground.

What do you think? You can see a rough mock-up of the podcast cover above.

If you are interested in our start-up of a music start-up podcast, let us know on Twitter @rockallston or email We're interested to hear which artists you would like to us to interview or if you would like to be interviewed yourself. Also, if you haven't listened to any of the podcasts in this cover above, I HIGHLY recommend them.

In other news, Stephen has a pretty major announcement coming up for the months of February and March.... stay tuned!